SKU: JX2340611_boehringer

Amaroq, Camping Food Set

With this 10-piece camping food set, you have everything you need for cooking in nature!​

The set is made of lightweight aluminum and therefore weighs only 900 g which makes it easy to transport around.​

​The set is perfect for taking on camping, hiking or other outdoor activities, and is easy to pack into your backpack.​

The gift contains:​
1 piece. 2L saucepan
1 piece. 1.5 liter pot
1 piece. 21.5 cm pan/lid
1 piece. 18.4 cm pan/lid
1 piece. 1L kettle
1 piece. windshield
1 piece. ventilating bottom
1 piece. alcohol flare
1 piece. grippe

Note: Mug and bag are not included in the gift.

Vejl. udsalg: 799,00 kr.
Pris: 400,00 kr. Ekskl. moms