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Boom By Miiego Headphones

Ready for a great and impressive sound experience without distracting cables?
BOOM by MIIEGO features the award-winning high performing BOOM series sound quality. The BOOM series by MIIEGO has won numerous international tests and awards for outstanding design, functionality, and excellent sound performance.

By using high quality and optimized audio components, BOOM by MIIEGO delivers crystal-clear sound with powerful bass and crisp treble performance – providing you with excellent audio quality and a genuinely uncompromised and robust music experience, whether for indoor or outdoor use.

The brand-new and innovative TWIST’N’TURN design on all of the BOOM by MIIEGO headphones adds an entirely new dimension to the usage and functionality of your headphones.

This new feature allows you to fast and easily change the ear cushions, which means you can always choose to wear and use the ear cushions that YOU prefer, and that suit your needs in any given situation; on-the-go, on your couch, during workouts etc.

The gift contains: 
1 pc. BOOM by Miiego headphones

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