SKU: JX2340535_boehringer

Hâws, Langeland Smart Airfryer, 4,5L

Hâws smart fryer gives you the opportunity to get crispy and juicy food without the many calories and large amounts of oil.​

Airfry technology is the name for a hot air fryer that uses up to 75% less oil when cooking.​

The shortened cooking time can save on your electricity bill.​ The air in the smart fryer circulates faster and the cooking time is therefore shortened compared to a traditional oven. The shortened preparation time can save on your electricity bill.​

The product has a capacity of 4.5 L. ​
The temperature can be set from 80-200 degrees.​
The product emits a sound when a program is finished and also has an automatic switch-off and overheating protection.​
It is possible to preset with 8 different programs or manually  control of time and temperature.

The product can cook meat, vegetables, cakes and much more.

The gift contains ​
1 pc. Hâws Langeland air fryer 4.5 litres