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Kiruna Kapok, Duvet

Kapok is silky soft and is also called silk cotton. It has the amazing ability with its unique structure and hollow fibers to have excellent properties that make it heat regulating, moisture repellent and antibacterial.

The kapok fibers themselves come from seed pods of wild kapok trees that grow in the tropical rainforests. The trees are not felled when harvesting, so each tree can be harvested year after year and thus provide kapok fibers for a great many quilts and other products with kapok.

Kapok is particularly recommended for allergy sufferers, as it contains a natural bitter substance that makes the kapok fiber resistant to house dust mites, mold and pests. A product with kapok is antibacterial and allergy-friendly and contributes to a healthy sleeping environment.

Natural fibers
Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
Insulating and temperature regulating
Moisture wicking
Vegan and 100% natural
Silk cotton
Øko-tex standard 100 certified

Produced with care:
Calm plaid is 100% recycled and 100% natural.
Many manufacturers use polyester material when recycling wool and cashmere. CARE BY ME does not – their products are 100% natural and comply with international standards for recycling.
The wool and cashmere are collected from residual fibers and overproduction in Italy.

The gift contains:​
1 pc. Kiruna Kapok, quilt

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