SKU: JX2364524_boehringer

Lyngby Rhombe Color Mugs, 4 pcs.

With Rhombe Color, we bring new life to the existing Rhombe dinnerware, where the bright colors are selected in collaboration with the design duo Stilleben.

Clear, pure lines and a pattern from the archives. With its playful approach to mixing colors and elements, Rhombe Color adds new life to the existing, white Rhombe collection.

The Rhombe mug is a tribute to the classic tableware and a distinguished reinterpretation of a popular and well-known pattern, which comes from Lyngby Porcelain’s extensive design archives. All elements, both colored and white, can be mixed and matched to suit your fancy.

Height 10.50 cm
Diameter 8.50 cm
Volume 0.33 l

The gift contains:
1 pc. Lyngby Rhombe Color Mug, green
1 pc. Lyngby Rhombe Color Mug, dark blue
1 pc. Lyngby Rhombe Color Mug, turguiose
1 pc. Lyngby Rhombe Color Mug, sand