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Rosendahl Recycled Birds

Rosendahl Birds creates life and birdsong in the garden, welcome the small birds of winter with a good green conscience.

Birds feeding station on pole
Birds Feeding Station offers sumptuous feeding in several plateaus, it can be easily filled from the top, from where the seeds continue down through the bowls. There is a built-in hole in the bottom to drain off rainwater and it is break-resistant and frost-proof.

Birds feeding ball
Birds Feeding ball can easily be mounted in the garden or on the balcony. It is break-resistant and frost-proof.

Birds suet ball feeder
Birds Suet ball Feeder is created in 100% recycled plastic and the cord in recycled PET, this works both as suspension and lock, by pulling the cord lightly you get access to refill the Feeder. It is break-resistant and frost-proof.

Produced with care:
Rosendahl Birds are products created with focus on reducing environmental impact and enhancing circularity.  Birds is made in Denmark from recycled plastic collected from Danish households, processed and produced in Denmark.

Materiale: 100% recycled plastic.
Birds feeding ball Ø12 cm
Birds suet ball feeder H20 cm
Birds feeding station on pole H107 cm

The gift contains: 
1 pc. Rosendahl Birds feeding station on pole
1 pc. Rosendahl Birds fedding ball
1 pc. Rosendahl Birds suet ball feeder

Pris: 400,00 kr. Ekskl. moms